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    JOB Market or Education??

    OK, time to address jobs? Maybe later, but for now I think a big problem our Country faces is keeping up our education system. In my opinion what worked yesterday was good but it is time to update the education system. Many will say it worked for me why not the current generation? The answer is something that they may not like to hear. The education system did NOT help you as much as it needs to grow the economy and prepare you for a competitive world. Yes you may be as educated as your friends, but why settle for that when our generations to come need change.

    This is what I see.

    Classrooms have a variety of students each with their own level of understanding. How is it possible to educate students that do not understand the lesson plan unless you dumb down the entire class. It is impossible in the current methods used, well outdated. To many push the student through by helping them memorize answers that will be on a test. While understanding the material becomes secondary. Some will get it others will not. That to me is not an education.

    Our hope is that our future generations will see and understand the mistakes of the current generation. Changes will be made, but why not start now? The solution is simple, and higher education can be achieved without the expense.

    The younger generation pick up on the uses of computers at a much younger age than the past. We have all seen three year old, and especially by the age of six very adapt in using computers, and handheld devices. The only ones that seem to have difficulty is the older generation. It is wrong, in my opinion, to hold back the new generation because the lack of our understanding.

    Using the Internet studies become less distractive, and focus on the subject material. Also very important is the student can learn the material at THEIR pace. At the same time those that pick up on the material quickly can move forward.

    What about the importance of interaction with others? Something that we all consider important for students to be prepared to work in a diverse community. Simple. The students would still have the Physical Education, and electives separate from the academic courses. The schools could still offer sports, band, and other school activities.

    To me is see it impossible to educate every student to the level of understanding necessary to go forward. It is like teaching a child to count to 10, and they have not mastered the number 6 on the road to 10. They can not master math just because they answered 10. The 6 is still missing.

    OK? No need to get upset that this can not work for everyone, nothing can, and that thought answers the failure to teach everyone at the same pace. It does not work.

    What is the solution now that we have identified the problem?

    We have the ability the Home School our children. Take it one step further let those that elect use the Internet for home school academics, and still participate in school activities.

    This would be a tremendous effective way to educate to a level of both higher education, and a stronger understanding. Preparing everyone with a foundation to make the best better.

    If we are what we have then lose what we have who then are we?

    For those that want to understand the importance of change let me recommend the following book sold on Amazon:

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